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There are currently three novels set in the Mass Effect universe, with one more upcoming, some time in 2011. As the game is considered to be the player's story, none of the novels feature Commander Shepard in any significant detail.

Thus far, three of the Mass Effect novels have been written by Drew Karpyshyn, and published by Del Rey Books, with a fourth novel by William C. Dietz due in 2011.[1]

  • A currently untitled fourth book by writer William C. Dietz. All that is known is that it is a Mass Effect tie-in and will be released September 27, 2011.[1]

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  • The Art of Mass Effect is an art book released alongside the original game. With 175 pages, it includes concept art ranging from characters, to scenery, to the technology of the Mass Effect universe. It was first published in November 2007, by Prima Games; it was also included with special editions of the Mass Effect strategy guide, which was also published by Prima. Includes:


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